Hamburger Christmas Time

If it weren’t so cold december would definitely be my favorite month of the year. I am a sucker for all the cheesy decorations, glitter and sometimes even the christmas songs (Here you go; another guilty pleasure). As a matter of fact as I am writing this I’m wearing a red sweater with a big fluffy white heart and the silhouette of two reindeer kissing, as reindeer normally do of course.

Isn't it cute?

Isn’t it cute?

For the past two years I escaped the holiday madness at our house by subsequently celebrating in South Africa and Switzerland. Even amidst the summer heat Cape Town was turned into a charming town with fake snow, fake christmas trees and songs blasting out of supermarket speakers. Oh the weather outside was so frightful.. sunburns and all. Switzerland, however was exactly what christmas was supposed to be like with actual snow, christmas markets and of course mulled wine.

As for the Netherlands: we have our own, very wet version of snow and some decorations. However compared to Germany or Switzerland it is very meager. Therefore I, in my christmas craze, and the boyfriend, because he loves me, have decided to take indulge ourselves in the nostalgia of German christmas markets. Because we’re insane about Hard Rock Cafés, we thought it’d be cool to have two in one and visit a city with a Hard Rock Café, meaning our options were narrowed down to two options: Hamburg and Berlin.

So we consulted my mom who, being German, qualifies as my nearest Germany expert. The answer was simple as a binary code Hamburg was  a zero, Berlin a one. Our choice was therefore to visit the Hamburg Christmas markets, as it won’t be a city we’ll visit soon whereas I will for sure visit my family in Berlin sometime.  Having some obligations (family and work) we can only visit Hamburg from the 21st till the 23rd, but we’ll just cut sleep or something to get the full experience.

Staying true to the purpose of my blog I wanted to book a cheap hotel and had actually found a really nice one via Twitter. But the boyfriend, spoiled as he is, booked this awesome 4* hotel, a place in which I am, despite my protesting, not hesitant to sleep in. So, I’m really excited to visit Hamburg! By the way; were hamburgers invented in Hamburg?



P.S.: I apologize for the high level of cheesiness in this post!