My Guilty Pleasures

By the time you’ll finish reading this, you must think I am one of the craziest people on earth. But well, that never stopped me before. So, feel free to indulge in my guilty pleasures and feel just a little better about yourself.

Film: Pitch Perfect


I don’t know what I like about singing college students, but recognizing the ‘Cup Song’ sang by my eight year old niece was definitely an embarrassing guilty pleasure moment.

Tv-series: The Carrie Diaries


Girly over-the-top-drama all the way, but the Sex and the City Prequel makes me reminisce for high school, in the 80’s that is! I only allow myself one episode a week to maintain a somewhat productive life. Will Carrie and Sebastian ever get back together?

Music: The Biiiiiirds and the Bees

Hmm, tough one as I have no shame when it comes to music. For sure I do listen to shameful music, but I don’t perceive it that way. Hope this song made your day!

Snack: Fast Food


When it comes to eating I hardly have any self-control so basically my number one guilty pleasure is just eating in general. Really, I’m a pig that only stops eating when there is no more food. Though I taught myself to stop eating or pretending to be full when others do.. Oh, and I also have a soft spot for McDonalds food, well any fast food really.

Activity: Daydreaming


When I was a kid I would imagine myself being my favorite tv-character or Britney Spears. I would create my entire life in my head including imaginary friends, family, problems, looks, nationality etc. Not uncommon for kids to do I guess? It becomes a little embarrassing by the age of 18 I guess, let alone 22.

Creepy collection: Imma Hardrock Horder

Need I say more?


This post will either double my number of followers as crazy stuff sells or decrease my followers to about 20% because now you all now I’m nuts. I dare you to beat me!