Current Score

Just now I noticed that I could have carried out an entire pregnancy since my last post. For the past seven months I worked an internship which required me to work insane hours at a minimum wage. Oh well, nothing above good education I guess. In between serving my master working I was however able to read some pages of the book. 

– A lovely, cold, weekend trip to Copenhagen for my birthday in February
– A romantic weekend in Paris for our two-year anniversary
– A traditional Lithuanian wedding 

Our Piggybank currently contains €513.17, which is about 10 percent of what I already spent mentally:

– The boyfriends eye laser surgery and sightseeing in Istanbul coming September
– A weekend trip to either Warsaw or Krakow
– Perhaps some last summer sun rays in Nice
– Celebrating Christmas abroad, suggestions?

Meanwhile I spend my days making careful considerations about my future career (Sounds more hopeful than begging employers for a job I guess), looking for an apartment the boyfriend and I can agree on and lots of sports, but not today, today is cold. What have you guys been up to?


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