The Gift of Giving

I have many faults, but greed is not one of them if I may say so myself. Despite this, I am possibly the worst gift-shopper on earth. More than once I returned from a birthday/holiday shopping spree with beautiful presents for well.. myself and nothing for my giftee. While this may give you the idea I’m utterly selfish, I blame my perfectionism for not being able to buy gifts. Especially when it involves those close to me. You can imagine this degrades the boyfriend’s birthday to the worst day of the year.

This year I think I actually did well. His actual birthday is not until tomorrow but I decided it’d be better to stay ahead and surprise him on friday. So, all the way through last week I have  been arranging my gifts, while ensuring he had no clue. My idea was book a hotel room and invite him there by emailing his professional email address.

The first step obviously was to book the boyfriend so I picked some random movie to see and a restaurant I supposedly wanted to have dinner at. Then, the second problem was booking the hotel room without a credit card since he would find out that way. Thankfully allowed me to book the room and I even got a discount as a bonus. Also I tortured myself with the task of getting him a record player and some vinyl records. Normally we divide roles very traditionally, where he takes care of all technical things and I make him food as a reward. However past week I studied audio equipment, looked for music in a smelly old record store and hooked up my newly found treasures all in secrecy. Frustrations about not being able to say a word and needing help nearly made me give up at least four times.

Thankfully that moment where he entered our hotel room with the key I had hidden in his car, to find his birthday cake, presents and champagne completely astounded takes away all my frustrations and makes it instantly worth it. I realize, as I look at him playing with his new toy or as he is finding new records in that same shop, that successfully surprising him gives me more joy than receiving any gift ever has and for a moment I am truly happy, only because the gentleman is too.



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