Feeding the Piggybank

The reason I started this blog was because I wanted to show how easy it is to travel if you are on a tight budget. I had worked in tourism before and learned the most occurring motivation not to travel is a financial one. Since I’m still a student I’m not rich (yet) and I don’t really want my boyfriend to act as my credit card, so we bought a piggy bank in which we save money to travel. 

We’ve been saving since january or february 2013, and we started of slowly. When I counted our money in august we had saved about €400. Lately however, both of us have become mildly obsessed with collecting change. I find myself drawing money from an atm in front of Starbucks to spend it at Starbucks, where I would’ve normally used my debit card. On saturday we reached new extremes, when we were at a concert and had to buy beverage tokens (is that what you call them?) They where €2.20 each, and we needed about 8 or so. BUT that would bring us to an amount of €17.60 and €2,40 change. The ‘adult’ decision was to get 14 tokens, twice what we needed in order to get more change.. 

Saving has become pretty expensive lately. However we do get some childish rewarding feeling every time we collect some change. Then counting our assets makes me feel eight years old again. I love it. We now have €630,74 and will use it to enjoy our first small-change-funded-trip together this weekend. Hello Prague!

By the way; Happy Movember!



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