My Blue Coat

Me and my blue coat first met early 2013 in the beautifully romantic town of Lugano, Switzerland. Since then it has accompanied me on travels to varies cold destinations such as Munich, Helsinki, Tallinn, Brussels and Amsterdam, where it has always provided me with warmth and comfort. 

Me and my blue coat fit extremely well, because it is one of the rare coats not judging me by my strange no-boobs-no-belly-fat-legs-broad-shoulder-man-ladylike bodyshape, but embracing it perfectly. On the downside it seems to be very needy of attention and always very present. People have recognized me because I was hanging out with my blue coat on moments that I would have not been recognized. 


Despite your neediness and the fact that I do not always wear you, blue coat, I still love you deeply. 



P.S.: Still taking cold showers and everyday I begin to dread showering more! WHY did I start this?!


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