30 Day Cold Shower Challenge; Let’s Do It!

Sometimes you just need that extra motivation boost to get over that one task that has become a standard to-do list decorator. Other times you need a big motivation boost and in my case I need an XXL elephant-sized motivation boost. My friends, family and even people I don’t personally know have all attempted bravely, but failed horrendously. Okay, maybe that’s a tiny bit of an exaggeration. Not that many people helped me, but still this sketches out the situation for you. It’s bad. 

Now, a while ago I read about the 30-day cold shower challenge and I figured it was worth a shot. I even took a few cold showers then, but I didn’t really have anything difficult to accomplish at the time, so I just quit. But now I’m back, and I will succeed. 

For those too lazy to click the link: The CSS is a challenge where you take a cold shower every day for thirty days. On day one you set your goals for which you need to be motivated. By taking the shower every morning you constantly remind yourself you can do it and therefore changes you will succeed are greater. 

Now, I’m scared typing this already as cold water is my biggest fear. No, really. I always say I have no fear of physical pain other than the fear of being cold. In fact I’m more afraid of cold water than I am of death. I sure hope the afterlife is warm then. In the past my fear of cold water has led me to stand on poolsides, beaches or boats for hours, wanting to jump in, but not daring to. Worst of all is when people try to ‘help’ me, by splashing water, holding my hand to jump or pushing me. If you want me to not be your friend anymore; that’s the road with least resistance. 

Often I play games by my own rules. Well, no actually I don’t, but I’d like to. So I’ve changed the idea a little. I will allow myself warm showers after workouts and have cold showers in the morning. Somehow I think my skin won’t clean if all my pores close and the same for shaving my legs. Since I normally take two showers a day anyway, I think this exception is fair.

I’ll start tomorrow and let you know how awful it was. Has any of you attempted taking cold showers? Let me know. Posts on what my goals are and how it’s going will follow, so come back regularly. 





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