How to Waste Time

This month’s glamour told me it was okay to always complain about my lack of time, while spending hours on Pinterest or Instagram doing nothing. For those out there with an overload of productivity and stress in their lives I took the liberty of collecting utterly useless things you can do to waste your life. So get ready for my most favored ways to waste time.

Pinterest: Glamour was right. You make one mistake by clicking a Pinterest link on homemade pumpkin bread and two hours later you’ve discovered 80 ways to decorate your home, learned how to make a table from vintage suitcases, seen three ways to do your clubbing make up and 45 cocktail recipes. Wondering what you’re going to use that for? Absolutely nothing!

Note: if you are now bored reading this, click the link at the end. It’s hilarious!

Plan your excersizes and nutrition to finally loose weight this time and then neglect your plans:

Here’s my excersize calendar:



And here’s what I’m actually doing:

lazy cat

YouTube: This one is obvious. Well, maybe all are obvious. Anyways, I like to spend hours on YouTube watching videos. No, I don’t like it, I hate it, but I do it anyway. My favorite YouTuber is Jenna Marbles, who makes videos about absolutely nothing.

Online window shopping: Combine your new unaffordable wardrobe, sort out your never-to-take vacation and find out where you could buy a surfboard, even though you live 300 km from the beach. No annoying sales people online!

Read blog posts like these: Haha, the joke’s on you. You learned absolutely nothing here that you didn’t already know. Sorry! I promise I will add something with actual substance soon, so come back to check regularly. Want some more improductivity? This made me laugh really hard yesterday!






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