Rocking Around The World

Some days in the year are very special such as anniversaries and birthdays. For me today is such a marvelous day because today is the day before the day on which it has been 13 months since the boyfriend and I visited our first Hard Rock cafe together. On this day, September 4th, 2012, we decided we would visit all Hard Rock cafes in the world. That is a reason to celebrate right? Time for some alcohol!


Now, let’s have a look at the score. I logged onto, because of course I’m a member, to see where the past 13 months got us.


A little note to add: The boyfriend went to Hollywood and Las Vegas, sadly enough, without me and I visited the one in Helsinki solo. When we do something, we do it well so we don’t count these as visits in our Excel sheet (See how professional we are? I almost feel like an adult now), where we keep track of all currently opened cafes and our visits, meaning these have to be revisited. I will count them today though. A friend once told me I make my sentences too long when I write, hmm, maybe he had a point.

So back to the score: So far we visited 8 cafes on three different continents and six different countries and part of us has slept in one Hard Rock hotel. Calculating an average of 100 euros per visit, it has cost us 2.5 months of grocery-shopping money. Say cheers to that! For 2013 we plan to visit Prague and Hamburg as well and next year the soon-to-be-opened hotel on Ibiza will be enlightened by our presents. I’m sorry, I will steal the soap and shampoo, but don’t worry. You may keep your towels Hard Rock hotel people. I read some blog posts on stealing from hotel rooms yesterday, but I’m a nice guest.

So, that is kind of what I wanted to share with you today. Oh and if you don’t think I’m insane by now; Hamsterface!




P.S.: I cheated. The Malibu bottle is actually empty, it’s a schoolnight and I’m a good girl!(sometimes)


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