Workouts on the Road

Normally finding motivation to workout is not a problem for me. Most mornings I’m happy to roll out of bed early for a run or a quick visit to the gym. Well… actually I’m motivated to exercise because my reward breakfast awaits me patiently. But, anyways, I like to exercise. It genuinely makes me happy.

The bigger problem starts when I lack the opportunity to do my regular workout. For instance when I’m in a gymless hotel, in an area not suitable for running. That’s normally when I fall off of my exercise routine and trust me, when I fall off I fall off hard. Suddenly I don’t care about my protein intake anymore or about my intake in general. The first day is usually okay, because I determinedly tell myself I’ll catch up tomorrow. The second day, my inner fat kid takes over and soon I find myself attacking every bit of food I can find. I then start my day with coffee, but not just with coffee because just coffee obviously doesn’t contain enough calories. So it will be a Starbucks’ caramel latte with cream on top, oh and a white chocolate, raspberry cookie of course. Then for my second and third breakfast I’ll have cinnamon rolls, croissants, eggs and bacon to stock up on all the carbohydrates my body missed during my strict workout-and-diet regime. By lunch I’m lost…

To prevent this in the future I found some to-go daily workouts, which I like to use for traveling. You do need to bring your cross trainers, shorts and a sweater for cold environments. Optionally you can bring your yoga mat of course, but I would say it takes up too much space.

The first one is INSANITY by a dude who names himself Shaun T. which is a dvd workout program. It costs about $120, which I think is expensive, but then I think you can also find the videos online. Actually I just started and it was the inspiration for my post. The package contains videos that will up two months of exercise, a calendar for dummies, where you just have to enter your starting date and it calculates the dates for every video for you, in case you’re stupid, and a nutrition plan. You start with a fit test of twenty minutes and repeat this every other week to measure your progress. The first week however you will experience severely sore muscles. I was doing this yesterday and I swear sweat was pouring out of my skin like it only does in the sauna. The good thing is that it is easy and doesn’t require equipment so you can do it in every hotel room. You can load the videos on your iPad like I did or watch them and just write down the required exercises and times. Also, the workouts are very short, so they won’t take up too much of your sightseeing time.

Something that I haven’t tried myself is the Jillian Michaels 30 day shred, which are basically just YouTube videos. There are three levels and the idea is that you do each level for 10 days, then go one up. Again they are very intense, but don’t require any equipment. Bonus: It’s free and you have a hot woman motivating you to get her body instead of a muscular Shaun T. I guess watching a lady with much revealed skin is fun for the guys as well.

Thirdly, and keep in mind I’m writing from a girl’s perspective, pack a jumping rope. I know this is Victoria’s Secret Angel Doutzen Kroes’ preferred to-go workout. The rope hardly takes up any space and you can do it everywhere. Then just put up some fun music, set a timer and start jumping.

Lastly there are millions of no equipment exercises you can find on the internet such as this one, where some exercises are described and you can do them in your hotel room on your bed. Make sure to always warm up and stretch before and cool down after. If you have been into exercising for a while you can also make your own program, based on what you parts of your body you want to train. Normally I alternate pushups, sit-ups, squats,crunches and burpees. I do 12 reps and 3 sets of each. Be creative and use things you find around such as trees, park benches or stairs.

Make sure to force yourself to exercise at least every other day. Put it in your agenda as an absolute must-do on the same level of importance as catching a flight.

I hope this was useful to you. Do you have any other preferred to-go workouts? Let me know!




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