Cooking (for unskilled people) Peanut Butter Chocolate Cups

Martha Stewart surely has her own preferred cooking equipment, and so do I. When I cook I need one of the following three items to prepare my culinary specialties:

– A microwave

– A phone or a device connected to the internet

– My mom or a friend that actually knows how to cook.

Without these kitchen appliances my master-dishes are nothing. However Every once in a while I get a weird sense of unsupported courage and I dare myself to prepare something without these lifesavers. Yesterday was such a day. Actually I can blame everything on the boyfriend since he went to the US, where they sell peanut butter cups which he then had to bring me, which I ate all at once, which made me crave more, which led me to an attempt to make them at home at which I then failed big time. Or I can blame Reese for not selling peanut butter cups here? But then again they are not vegan anyway.

I wanted to go all the way and make them 100% homemade, so my first step was making the peanut butter. I remembered reading a while ago how easy it was to make peanut butter. All you had to do was put roasted peanuts into a blender, turn it on and wait. After spending half an hour on pealing peanuts I got bored and decided to try the first bit. But blending got me some powdery mess, looking nothing like peanut butter. Here you can see mine compared to normal peanut butter, clarifying how far off I was.


After adding a tablespoon of walnut oil, it blended more smoothly. Apparently you can also buy peanut oil, which probably suits better, but I must say I didn’t taste the walnut oil. Also add a pinch(big pinch) of salt to make it..well.. salty. So I finally had my own peanut butter, which was actually really nice. I’d probably make it more often, if peeling the peanuts wouldn’t be that time consuming. Maybe I can buy them peeled? Hmm. By now I already spent way too much time making the little amount of peanut butter I had, so I cheated and used ready-made.

Secondly I melted the chocolate. I decided to create a tasty version with milk chocolate, and a not so tasty vegan one with dark chocolate. I actually don’t like dark chocolate so I added a lot of almond milk. I melted the chocolate in a bain-marie, which was fairly simple. Then it wasn’t liquid enough so I added milk. This was not a very smart thing to do as they now melt when they’re not in the freezer.

a bain-marie

After melting the chocolate I poured a little bit into the cups and put them in the freezer for 15 minutes. Then I added a spoon of peanut butter, poured chocolate over that and put them in the freezer again. The dark chocolate was still not liquid enough and didn’t even out, making them look like crap, literally. The milk chocolate ones turned out pretty well for something that I created. As long as they’re frozen they are good. Both are tasty, if you like dark chocolate, that is.  See my marvelous creations below!

Vegan peanut butter cupsPeanut butter chocolate cups

My boyfriend brought me really nice ones from The Sweet Shoppe in Flagstaff, Arizona and we compared mine to these. The boyfriend says I won, because he likes me, but I disagree, making the score 1-1. I dare you to make better ones and show me! Here you’ll find my ingredients, so you know what not to do.

Needed for 7 cups:

– Cupcake cups, in nice colors to distract from the ugliness.

– 150 grams of milk chocolate for normal ones and dark chocolate for vegan ones

– Milk or almond milk

– About 250 grams of unpeeled, unsalted peanuts and 2 table spoons of peanut or walnut oil, or 7 scoops of peanut butter.

– People who love you and will therefore lie when you ask them what they think.

I think we can conclude that my mom was right when she told me I had no choice but to get filthy rich as a grown up. Cooking or other household tasks for the matter are just not for me. I do hope you found my post entertaining and thanks for reading! If you liked it please indicate this by clicking the ‘like’ button below and follow me on Twitter, WordPress or Bloglovin’.



P.s.: I know the photos are shitty. I took them with my ancient iPhone because I was too lazy to get the camera.


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