The $100 Startup

When I first started this blog, which sounds like long ago when I put it like this but it was actually last month, I did it for the sole purpose of entertaining myself. Since I am in business school however, I figured I should have some sort of mission for my blog. Now, my mission is to entertain not only myself, but others as well and to inspire and encourage people to travel. Transformed into a giant-corporation’s-mission-statement-pr-bullshit way:

“The Piggybank tales aim to provide entertainment for those in need, to inspire and to encourage the author’s peers to embark on their own adventures. Our mission is to trigger the adventurer that hides in each and every person, while protecting themselves and their surroundings from all harm and injustice, to make the world a better place.”

Or whatever.. Anyways back to my purpose. I want to inspire you guys to do things that are way more fun than sitting behind your computer and reading. Don’t get me wrong, do read my blog regularly! But besides that, also go out and create your own adventures, from something as small as a piggybank.

I’m probably the only blogger, who needs three paragraphs just for the intro.. Sigh.. So on to the main part. I read this really awesome and inspirational book that I think you guys should all read! It’s called (surprise) The $100 Startup written by Chris Guillebeau. Basically it tells you to put all your excuses in the trash and pursue your dreams.

Maybe from a business point of view it is not the most innovative, high quality content book on entrepreneurship, but it does exactly what it needs to do. It motivates you to overcome your fears, dump your excuses and throw yourself into a big sea of adventure, which, if you work really hard, will turn into a pool filled with money inside of a golden warehouse, so you can swim in your own wealth, just like Scrooge McDuck. Are you still with me?

Scrooge McDuck wealth

Mostly the author describes success stories of people that either were stuck in some point in their life or saw an opportunity to create their own business. He writes about the fundamental features that made them successful, problems they encountered and mostly about how much happier they are now. The catchy detail is that he particularly focuses on people that did not go to business school and are not gifted like Steve Jobs, making it incredibly engaging.

Apart from the inspiration he provides little extras such as premade one page business plans on his website or franchise contract samples. These, I did not find very helpful because they missed some aspects to work in the real world. Somehow I don’t think my bank would grant me a loan if I’d hand them a single page file that could’ve been written by my little niece.

However that is not what you buy the book for. This book triggers your enthusiasm to enter the big scary corporate world to pursue your dreams. The forms and business plan models serve their purpose, not by giving you the actual model, but by breaking down and simplifying the laws and regulations that you are about to face. I recommend the book to everyone with a file on their computer titled *New Business Ideas* or everyone who’s just sick of employment. This might be the trigger you need.

For myself, I’ve always had loads of business ideas in my mind that I hardly ever shared with other people. Sometimes I did share them and people were enthusiastic about them, but then they always ended up in some drawer in the back of my mind. Recently I started to be more serious about the ideas that came to my mind. My only problem was that all my ideas where huge unorganized piles similar to my to-be-ironed pile causing me to be as unmotivated to start as I am to do my ironing. One of them was starting a consultancy service for job-seekers. I wanted to guide them through applications and to help them find a new job, but it would be a huge project on a very personal level. Now I cut back on my expectations and will use a simple ad on Marktplaats (the Dutch version of Craigslist) instead, which only offers to review application letters. This way I won’t have to build a website or anything decreasing the start-up barrier)

So much for my personal experiences. Now, I dare you to read the book and tell me about your experience! Also, if you liked this post, please click like below. Then follow me on Bloglovin’ or Twitter. Thanks!




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