Don’t travel alone! Make friends!

In this world there are two kinds of people; those who make friends when they travel and unsocial people who buy Lonely Planet guides. Wait! What if you never bought a Lonely Planet guide and don’t have friends abroad simply because you don’t travel. Okaay;

In this world there are three kinds of people. Social travelers, unsocial travelers and social/unsocial non-travelers. But again segmenting in this way allows us to make only two categories, which are: Losers and winners. Obviously putting the social travelers in the winners section and all other; Oh well, I am sure you have some sort of talent..or.. am I?

Maybe that’s a bit harsh, but being harsh is cool sometimes! Anyways, what I meant to say was that getting to know as many people as possible enriches your travels. Traveling is not traveling if you don’t open up your mind and talk to everyone you meet. Make friends! Somewhere during my insanely boring studies I did wake up and heard that three good arguments are needed to make a product more convincing. Here are three then:

First of all it is always good to have local friends who are experts in their cities and can show you more than any Lonely Planet ever can. Don’t get me wrong, I love these travel guides, but still. There is nothing that can replace an actual human being taking you to their favorite pick nick spot. 

Secondly the obvious reason for making friends is that you can stay at their houses when you visit them. Bye bye hotel costs, hello coziness and home made breakfasts!

The last reason for making as many friends as you can abroad is that they will come to visit you. Then they will bring you gifts! Gifts rock! Simple right? This way you can taste food from many countries, increase your t-shirt collection and get nice accessories that your friends will never have! Maybe there should be an online souvenir wish list or something. 

In the past making friends did get me amazing adventures abroad. I got to enjoy true South African Christmas dinners, had free stays and learned more about some cities than a book could ever teach me. 

This was a very quick and simple post. However there will be more! Somewhere in the near future I will actually post how to make friends, so that even the travel guide losers can enjoy these benefits of having friends! So keep coming back regularly to look for the second and much more exciting post in this sequence. 





3 thoughts on “Don’t travel alone! Make friends!

  1. I use Lonely Planet guides and I still make friends when I travel – there goes your categorisation! 😉 Also, I actually find it easier to make friends – whether with locals or other travellers – when you travel alone, rather than in groups.

    1. Thank you for commenting on my blog!

      Hmm you’re right! I agree that it is easier to make friends when you travel alone. The message I intended to share was that if you travel you should be open to other people and try to network and build connections whenever you can. The post turned out different though.

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