Entering the Suite Life

I think I was about eight years old when I first decided that I would definitely not grow old in Holland. For what reason? Foreign countries all had these mesmerizing hotels. Now my irrational child’s view on housing has not stayed with me, but my fascination for marbled reception desks, piccolos and minibars has. In fact me entering a fancy hotel is still guaranteed to provide instant happiness. During my poor, brokeass student years I discovered that this works opposite ways as well. The moment I walk into a hostel, or crappy hotel I turn really sad immediately. My hotel-feeling obsession is even bad enough that hotel entrances can be decisive for my stay. Therefore I have collected some of the prettiest hotel entrances that have enchanted me.

1. Sauerland Stern Hotel, Willingen, Germany

To be honest I don’t really know what fascinates me so much about this hotel. Sure it has a really nice entrance, but I mostly I remember is because it is the very first hotel that I fell in love with. My parents would take me here every so often and I would entertain myself with ice skating, swimming, bowling, playing arcade games and mostly sitting at the lobby and be astonished.  You’ll always remember the first time..


Hmm, normally it is far more busy than in the picture.

2. Makadi Beach Resort, Hurghada, Egypt

The entrance of this hotel is obviously really nice, but for a hotel entrance freak like me it is just amazing. Outside palm trees await you and then inside it is marble all over the place. One not so amazing thing; stumbling down the stairs when drunk, but oh well. The being marveled was worth it.

Serenity makadi beach, hurghada, egypt

3. The Mount Nelson Hotel, Cape Town, South Africa

Maybe I have cheated a little on this one, but it just had to be mentioned. I never actually stayed here because A: can’t afford it an B: I lived down the road. However I used to go regularly for a drink or the amazing and famous high tea on Sundays. Really; if you ever get to Cape Town, make sure to have a high tea at the Mount Nelson. It’s not even that expensive. This hotel is really iconic and famous in Cape Town, but no one ever speaks about the entrance. I just don’t get why!

Mount Nelson, Cape Town, SA

Now I am being such a nice person for sticking to three for I want to avoid boring you at all cost. What is your instant happiness recipe when traveling? Tell me! Also:

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