A trip to Cali, just not mine..

Was I really sad, or was I just envious? That is what I kept asking myself as we walked towards customs, hugged and said goodbye. I tried to hold onto him just a little bit longer but he was eager to go. Maybe it also didn’t help that my boyfriend and his friends were running late to catch their flight to LAX. Off they went and off I went, through the touristy, cheerful airport crowd, back to my boring old car. 

Of course I was sad because I was going to miss Wednesday date night and I was going to have to sleep alone, but I think that partly I was also sad because I was not traveling anywhere but home.

It was only going to be three weeks, nothing to worry about at all. Not, considering that our previous airport visits were because I was going to see Finland for two weeks and I was going to live in Switzerland for five months. When I was off to Helsinki we hugged, at the very same spot as we did now and he looked at me trying not to cry while I was just wondering whether I had time for a Starbucks before my flight. This time the tables had turned. So I had to be a big girl and suck it up. 

My time will come again and I will be able to fly to Cali as well. Hopefully together, so no sadness will occur! 

I tried a different writing style today, but I am not sure it’s for me. Also as you guessed I am very sad right now cause my boyfriend just flew to California for three weeks and I will be tucked away in my little corner, being sad and crying. Lol, no, obviously I do have a life outside my relationship and I will have fun, but sometimes I just like being a drama queen. 

On the upside, while I was at the airport I got to book our trip to Prague coming november. Never been to any country east of Germany(except for Finland, which is maybe east of Germany, damn. My geographical skills are basically nonexistent and I don’t know. Also technically speaking I do live east of Germany. You just have to travel about 40.000 Ks east to get there!), so I’m really excited for this trip. Any recommendations for Prague? 


For now I’m just being sad with very messy hair and my chocolate heart!





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