One’s gotta be the first: Brussels

My second real, but extremely unprepared, simple and spontaneous post! Sorry(mom) I normally like to put a lot of effort in whatever I write, but time is the resource limiting me here.

As I mentioned before, my boyfriend and I are on this crazy mission to visit every Hardrock Café, Hotel and Casino in the world. Naturally we select the cities we visit according the presence of a Hardrock Café. Therefore Brussels is our destination for coming week.

I found this cheapass appartment/hotel thingy that actually nice and clean for only €65 per night for two persons, well and another €30 for the car. Kind of insane that we pay the same amount for our car as we do for ourselves. Anyways, I’m drifting of to boringland here.. Sorry!

The appartment/hotel hotel thingy that I found is called B-Aparthotel Regent and if you are bored you can look at it here:

Anyways I am super excited to drink beer and eat waffles all weekend. Despite the fact that Dutch people consider them to be retards, Belgians are actually pretty cool!

So I am sorry for my unprepared and insanely chaotic post with truckloads of typos that I did not see. But the next one will be better, I promise!

Stay tuned, follow, share and please drop all your hints for Brussels in the comment section.



*Oh by the way, I am super happy because I just got my first follower and it’s not my mom! And even though this might be really weird to mention I am just too exhilarated(yay! Fancy word) to care! My follower of the day’s blog is Check it out! I will use it when I visit Norway. (Is there a Hard Rock Café in Norway?)


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