Once upon a time…

Not to brag, but there are many utterly useless things in this world that I am awesome at. For instance I can touch the tip of my nose with my tongue, stand under a cold shower for five minutes without screaming like a little girl and remember names of people that I have met once, 8 years before. But in my top five procrastinating ranks at least six times, something that you(mom) are all witnessing as you read.

Earlier today I was supposed to be writing an essay on multinational business finance. Naturally, as I am a free-minded and creative spirit I was browsing the internet to see in which sun-flooded city I should be doing this. Then important questions came up, such as which cities would I like to see this year, who could join me, what would I do there and then how will I pay for this, the last one accompanied by a dark cloud of depression, sadness and poverty. Now this is where The Piggybank jumps in.

Last November I bought this really awesome piggy bank in Switzerland as a present for my boyfriend meaning to say that I wanted to save up some money to move in together. But since saving for home appliances is dull, uninspiring and something that only adults do, we decided to save up for a vacation.

Today we (the boyfriend) remembered we had to use our credit voucher for KLM flights which was about to expire and since I had so many other things to do I started looking for a flight. We then chose to visit Prague coming november. But because Eastern-Europeans work for free, it was a cheapass flight, allowing another break in october to explore some of the Danish territory.

The second step was of course arranging some place to recover from our hangovers-to-come, immediately followed by the depressing cloud of poverty. Liquor is expensive in Denmark, just like hotels.. oh and  everything else..

But there was my piggy, greeting me with eyes of joy and greed. As I still had all these things to do and I was now running out of time, I decided to count the coins that had been awaiting us, reminding me of  my childhood and informing me that me and my boyfriend proudly possess 397.64 euros, 20 South African Rand, 6.20 Swiss Francs, 1 Egyptian Pound and 0.25 Turkish Lira. Now, even though this is kind of meager considering that it will have to provide for two citytrips, I was pleasantly surprised by the outcome. We will try to pay for hotels and food with the €400 that we saved up on coins. Also I am hoping that it will be sufficient to afford our trip to the Hard Rock Cafes including two t-shirts in both cities as we are  both insane and try to visit every cafe in the world.

That’s where the idea of creating a blog derived. I have been toying with the idea of starting a Youtube vlog, blog, or website on something for a while now and since I really love traveling and I think everyone should, why not create a blog on that. So here we begin. I will keep you updated on the traveling I do, paying only with what I saved up in this piggy bank and I hope some of you(probably just you mom, Thanks!) will enjoy it. This post turned out to be a quite long, and pointless, so I’m sorry for that. Furthermore the design sucks, I know. I’m still teaching myself to program my own website, but haven’t been very successful up to now. The free WordPress version is not allowing me to do much. Also it is nearly 2 pm now, and my bed is waiting.


Please do look at the picture of my awesome piggybank, spread the word and come back (mom). Thank you



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